Mindful Resilience for Law Enforcement

Meeting the stresses and demands placed upon law enforcement officers with mindful awareness gives you the skills to reframe your response to stressors away from knee-jerk reactivity, empowering you to build physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual resilience and the ability to function at optimal levels when under duress. Learn how to upgrade your inner operating system so you remain calm under pressure, increasing your capacity to act positively and productively, with strength and integrity. Leading with a Centered, Present and Responsive state in body and mind helps bring order to chaos, both within and without.

This two day immersion training is specifically geared toward law enforcement and will provide students with the tools to do all of the following:

-Tame the Multi-headed beast of stress
-Cultivate wise and healthy coping skills
-Operate on all four cylinders
-Choose calm responsiveness vs. knee-jerk reactivity
-Develop engaged presence vs. Hyper-vigilance
-Strategize with tactical empathy and assertive compassion
-Improve interpersonal communication
-Work proactively with challenging emotions
-Steer clear of mind traps
-Be in control vs Being a control freak
-Skillfully let go of the past

Building and maintaining successful habits starts with increasing awareness and taking small action steps. Even modest changes in your daily routine can have lifelong positive effects. Information, practices, exercises, tips, and tools to activate your inner resources and resolve, engage in healthy coping skills and make mindful choices that energize and empower you no matter what stresses you may face.

For additional resources, you may also visit: mindfulresponders.org

Tuition: $350 – This cost includes an additional 4 weeks of email review, support and follow-up. 

Course Flyer: mindful-resilience-for-law-enforcement