ICI Terrorism for Law Enforcement

Course Description

This 40-hour course is for Law Enforcement in all areas of investigation.  This course gives the criminal investigator the ability to recognize terrorism information during your investigation, and directs you on how to disseminate this information to appropriate agencies. This course provides you with information about the weapons and techniques terrorists’ use, vital investigative strategies on terrorism, and safety measures to assist the investigator in a safe and successful handling of your case.  You will cover the most up-to-date techniques using the internet and computers including Disappearing Texts, Encrypted Apps and Telegram Apps.  The instructional team includes terrorism experts, expert bomb technicians, experts in soft and hard targeting, and computer experts in the field of intelligence gathering. The course is a Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigations elective.

Course Topics

  • International Terrorism
  • Domestic Terrorism
  • Processing Terrorist Information
  • Threat Assessment
  • Tactics and Techniques
  • Developing Terrorist Group Profiles
  • Weapons of choice- bombs, etc.
  • Suicide Bombers
  • Pre-incident Indicators
  • The computer as an investigative aid
  • Intelligence resources (shared activity)
  • Site vulnerability assessment

Course Prerequisites

While this is not a search warrant writing class, it is recognized that writing a proper search warrant in relation to investigations is essential to your job. With that in mind, the following has been established as a minimum baseline for students attending this course:

  1. Have taken the 2-week ICI Core Course
  2. POST online Search Warrant Fundamentals course to demonstrate knowledge of search warrant writing.  Click here to be taken to the POST Learning Portal. completion of this online course does give 3 hours of CPT credit.

Course Certification Number: 9070-20114
Course Certification Hours: 40

 Course Fee Information:

Reimbursement Plan IV: There is no tuition for POST reimbursable agencies. Student travel and per diem reimbursement will be via Training Reimbursement Request (TRR) for POST reimbursable agencies only. This course is a POST contract course and exempt from the current reimbursement suspension as outlined in POST Bulletin No. 2017-01.
Non-Reimbursable agencies: Tuition $767.60 and there is no reimbursement for travel and per diem.

Please note: Tuition price will change as of December 1, 2016.